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Microcare是一家生产高效高性能清洁剂的世界级领军企业,Microcare产品广泛应用于电子、运输、光学、医疗器械和航空航天领域!产品包括:Microcare MCC-DC1助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-SPR助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-PRO助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-PW2助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-FRC助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-AXL助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-EC7M助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-ESD清洗手柄,Microcare MCC-FRZ冷冻剂

Microcare MCC-DC1(Vericlean FLUX Remover)助焊剂清洗剂

Microcare MCC-DC1(Vericlean FLUX Remover)助焊剂清洗剂

  • 最佳的臭氧安全效果,符合最严格的环保要求
  • 通用性强,适用于各种松香型助焊剂和免清洗助焊剂
  • 超低表面张力有效清洗器件底部
  • 能溶化硅树脂三防涂层,胶水
  • 能去除各种油脂及轻型润滑剂和粘贴胶
  • 高强度,无气味,快速干燥
  • 包装:10oz (284g)


VeriClean is the industry’s only circuit cleaner based on ultra-pure siloxanes -- it is available exclusively through MicroCare. It is a highly effective defluxer, degreaser and general purpose cleaner. Versatile and almost odorless, VeriClean is used on fluxes, pastes, organics, ionics, adhesives, grease and oils. It is ideal for cleaning thruhole, BGA and SMT designs, and rinsing residues from connectors. Importantly, it may be the best solvent in the world for use on silicone-based conformal coatings and/or silicone-based glues. It dries briskly, leaves no residues and is ESD-safe. VeriClean is plastic-safe and is recommended for use on printed circuit boards, most electronic components and materials. It has an exceptionally low VOC content and is ozone-safe.

Summary Technical Data
Cleaning Strength (Kb Value ) 17
Specific Gravity (@ 25?C) 0.77
Surface Tension (dynes/cm) 16.3
Toxocity (ppm, 8-Hr. TWA, AEL) 200
Flashpoint (TCC) -4?C / 24?F
Safety Rating Flammable
NFPA Health: 1; Fire: 3; Reactivity: 0
Ozone Impact Zero
Non-Exempt Organic Content (g/L) 87
REACH and ELINCS Compliant Yes
RoHS and WEEE Compliant Yes
SNAP Approved Yes


Microcare MCC-DC1(Vericlean FLUX Remover)助焊剂清洗剂
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