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Microcare是一家生产高效高性能清洁剂的世界级领军企业,Microcare产品广泛应用于电子、运输、光学、医疗器械和航空航天领域!产品包括:Microcare MCC-DC1助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-SPR助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-PRO助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-PW2助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-FRC助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-AXL助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-EC7M助焊剂清洗剂,Microcare MCC-ESD清洗手柄,Microcare MCC-FRZ冷冻剂

Microcare MCC-FRC (FLUX Remover C)助焊剂清洗剂

Microcare MCC-FRC (FLUX Remover C)助焊剂清洗剂

  • 一种基于杜邦公司最新技术的溶剂
  • 满足高密度PCB板,BGA器件,CSP器件清洗要求
  • 适用于光缆,连接器,射频端子等精密接插件清洗
  • 无腐蚀性,与大多数器件,塑料相容
  • 导电安全,不可燃,具有清香气味
  • 快速干燥,无残留物
  • 包装:10.5oz (300g)


Flux Remover C is a versatile general purpose electronics cleaner. It cleans fluxes, solder paste, grease and organics and is often used on circuit boards, hybrids, cables and connectors and even metal substrates. With a very low surface tension and fast evaporation, it is ideal for cleaning under tight-fitting BGA chips. Noncorrosive and ultra-pure, this cleaner dries without residues, so rinsing is never required. Generally plastic-safe, this product is your best choice for cleaning a wide variety of different contamination (say, in a repair depot) or when you are uncertain about the plastics and materials to be cleaned.

This cleaner is available in the widest array of packaging options, from 85-gram TravelSAFE mini-pump sprays to aerosol cans and to drums and more. It is suitable for use in heated cleaning systems, such as vapor degreasers, which is convenient and simplifies chemical handling because one solvent can be used in so many applications. BURWIL19 FR2794BG FR1122DC

Technical Data
Cleaning Strength (Kb): 25
Specific Gravity (@ 25°C): 1.34
Surface Tension (dynes/cm): 19.2
Toxicity Rating (ppm, 8-Hr. TWA): 240 (calc.)
Flashpoint: None
Ozone Impact: Zero
Organic Content* (g/L): 590
RoHS and WEEE Compliant: Yes
NFPA Ratings: Health=1, Fire=0, Reactivity=1


Microcare MCC-FRC (FLUX Remover C)助焊剂清洗剂
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